Anthony Priday |

(082) 555 1175

Experience: 29 years

Director and Founder of Lifeforce

Strengths: Tax Law | Estate Planning | Business Assurance

As one of the three remaining founding members of Lifeforce, I am happy to hold the position of Financial Director. I have a particular interest in laws governing business in South Africa, with a special interest in tax law. This, combined with my PGD in Tax Law (UCT), leaves me well equipped to advise clients on business assurance and estate planning.

Independence as a financial planner offers clients the confidence that my advice is in no way biased towards a particular financial services provider and I value the opportunity to provide my clients with a wide range of options that will meet their expectations without tying them to one provider.

I enjoy hiking, cycling and mountain biking and try to visit exotic locations whenever I have the opportunity to travel.

Brent Gordon |

(082) 899 9823

Experience: 27 years

Shareholder and Founder of Lifeforce

Strengths: Life Cover | Temporary Or Permanent Disability | Severe Illness Cover | Retirement | Investments

I have a Diploma in Personal Financial Management. A Diploma in Pharmacy in 1970. Am a member of F.I.A (Financial Intermediaries Association of S.A.) since 1997. I am an Associate member of the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) and a Founder member of Lifeforce Financial Services. I have been an owner of 4 retail pharmacies over 25 years. I have been married for 43 years and have 2 adult professional children. I joined the Insurance Industry 20 years ago as a Financial Advisor with the North City Group promoting Liberty Life.


Craig Matterson |

(082) 565 9287

Experience: 27 years

Director and Founder of Lifeforce

Strengths: Risk Investment

I am an accredited member of the Registered Financial Planners Institute and have a special interest and skill in Risk Investment.

I value being in a position where I can advise my clients on a wide range of products as an independent financial planner; unbiased and impartial.

When I’m not on the clock I enjoy trout fishing, watching rugby and playing golf.

Mark Weston |

(083) 327 6413

Experience: 18 years

Shareholder and Founder of Lifeforce

Strengths: Business Owners | Directors | Senior Management | Risk Cover | Retirement Planning | Estate Planning | Wills | Trusts | Investment Planning | Medical Aid

Integrity and honesty are fundamental to this business, which has a lot to do with the process of building client relationships. As a shareholder in Lifeforce Financial Services, these two traits are of utmost importance when making executive decisions. I take great pride in seeing how our business has grown over the years. We have become a company name synonymous with service and excellence and our staff culture is like a family with many of our clients interacting on a first name basis with them.


Markus Bauriedl |

(083) 226 9446

Experience: 27 years

Shareholder of Lifeforce

Strengths: Risk Protection | Individuals: Health care | Income Protection | Severe Illness Cover | Estate Planning | Risk Protection | Businesses: Buy & Sells | Keyman Cover | Contingent Liability Cover | Investment Planning: Retirement Planning | Wealth Creation Strategy

After having completed a Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Wits in 1993, I started my financial planning career by joining Liberty Life under the elite graduate programme. As part of my on-going development in the field of financial planning, I completed my Certified Financial Planning Postgraduate Diploma (CFP) in 2006.


Stan Lewin |

(082) 749 1491

Experience: 19 years

Director and Founder of Lifeforce

Strengths: Medical Aid | Risk Benefits | Buy & Sells | Key Man Policies | Retirement Investments | Education Provision & Planning

With many years of experience under my belt I have found that the strong family values that I have always held as a priority stand one in good stead when dealing on a business level. I believe in dealing with people respectfully and remaining cognisant of what’s important to them.

Being an independent financial planner allows to me to put your needs first, not the needs of any specific insurance or investment house. I am able to assess your needs, dreams and goals and advise you with the best portfolio of products across the board.

I am enthusiastic about keeping fit and I read as often as I can to keep abreast of local and global economic trends.