Mark Weston

Mark Weston |

(083) 327 6413

Experience: 12 years

Shareholder and Founder of Lifeforce 

Strengths: Business Owners | Directors | Senior Management | Risk Cover | Retirement Planning | Estate Planning | Wills | Trusts | Investment Planning | Medical Aid

Integrity and honesty are fundamental to this business, which has a lot to do with the process of building client relationships. As a shareholder in Lifeforce Financial Services, these two traits are of utmost importance when making executive decisions. I take great pride in seeing how our business has grown over the years. We have become a company name synonymous with service and excellence and our staff culture is like a family with many of our clients interacting on a first name basis with them.

I am fortunate in having had considerable education and work experience, which has given me an appreciation of diversity. As well as having had extensive training and eventually becoming a Microsoft Lecturer in computers and IT, I have been with the Assurance industry since 2002, and as a registered Financial Planner, am currently in the process of completing my CFP, which is considered the ‘MBA’ of our industry.

I love spending time with my wife and our dogs, as well as kite-surfing, beach volleyball, all things IT (gadgets!), surf skiing, movies, music, theatre, and the collection and consumption of good wine – we live in Cape Town!