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Our Lifeforce advisors are able to offer independent expert advice and financial planning acumen in the following areas:

Retirement Planning and Provision

The sooner you begin to plan and save for your retirement, the sooner you can retire!  The product most bought for this type of financial planning and provision is known as a Retirement Annuity (RA).  Most companies have RA’s worked into their remuneration packages, but many don’t. An RA is designed to accept and grow funds from you and then, upon maturity (your retirement), pay out a stream of payments to the individual at a later point in time. Annuities are primarily used as a means of securing a steady cash flow for an individual during their retirement years.

 RA’s are popular, but they are not the only vehicle for retirement investing.  If you would like to assess your retirement plan, speak to one of our advisors today!

Health Cover & Gap Cover

Whilst South Africa is a beautiful country  in which to live, it falls short in the provision of many basic services of which primary health care is one.  If you get sick and need to go to a government hospital, depending on what you earn, you will still have to pay.  Adding to this, the level of care in many of these hospitals is not even close to the level in private hospitals.  If you are in an accident, need an operation or find yourself in need of specialist analysis and testing, a private hospital may very well be the closest and best suited to your necessary health care.  Very few of these events cost less than R20k, often costing closer to the hundreds of thousands.

We are able to advise on a wide and diverse range of Medical Cover and Gap Cover  products that will suit almost any budget. These products range from cover for basic hospital stays through to full, comprehensive medical aids that cover consultations with doctors, medication, glasses and other medical expenses.


When it comes to investing, it’s important to have a diverse portfolio.  Our expert knowledge and extensive investment options allow you to truly choose the very best products available to you.  From low-risk, long-term investing to high-risk, short-term strategies we can mix it up or keep it conservative: investments completely tailored to who you are and where you want to go.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is not only for the mega-rich.  If you have assets, investment policies, risk cover and more than one potential beneficiary, then we can assist you with the planning of your estate and how it will be allocated when you pass away. An estate that is left open can cause a difficult time to be even harder for those who are left behind.  Often there is more work needed on a R3m estate than on one that is worth R20m!

Chat to one of our knowledgeable team of financial advisors and rest in peace, knowing that your well-earned assets will benefit those who stay behind.

Critical Illness

These products are also known as Dread Disease Cover.  Advances in medical care mean that more people can now survive illnesses once thought to be fatal. However, although many individuals lead relatively normal lives, they no longer enjoy the same mobility or good health. The best medical treatment can cost you and your diminished ability to work could force you to make severe lifestyle changes.

Critical illness cover offers financial protection against illnesses such as a heart attack, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It also covers injuries from accidents such as paraplegia, major burns and brain damage.  This product is very different to Disability and Income Protection.

Disability & Income Protection

Most households in today’s economy rely on more than one income to keep the household expenses under check, very few are able to survive on one income alone.  If you were injured or disabled in some way and could no longer work, would your family be able to cope without your income?

There are special products available that can protect your income in the event of a disability or dread disease affecting your ability to continue to earn an income.  Protect yourself and protect those who rely on you too.

Life Cover

If death and taxes are the only certainties in life, then surely your budget should have provision for both?

You pay tax every month to the state, but what are you paying to provide for those that you love and care about after you have gone?  Life cover should not be seen as a grudge purchase but rather as an investment into the future of your spouse and children.  You work hard to provide for them now, that shouldn’t have to change in the future.

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