Stan Lewin

Stan Lewin |

(082) 749 1491

Experience: 19 years

Director and Founder of Lifeforce

Strengths: Medical Aid | Risk Benefits | Buy & Sells | Key Man Policies | Retirement Investments | Education Provision & Planning

With many years of experience under my belt I have found that the strong family values that I have always held as a priority stand one in good stead when dealing on a business level. I believe in dealing with people respectfully and remaining cognisant of what’s important to them.

Being an independent financial planner allows to me to put your needs first, not the needs of any specific insurance or investment house. I am able to assess your needs, dreams and goals and advise you with the best portfolio of products across the board.

I am enthusiastic about keeping fit and I read as often as I can to keep abreast of local and global economic trends.