Chantelle De Villiers

Chantelle De Villiers |

082 638 2262

Strengths:  Wealth Protection | Wealth Management | Retirement Planning | Corporate Funds | Business Assurance

I help successful people make good decisions about money so they can live exceptional lives.

My clients are my passion and I know that each individual has unique needs when it comes to their finances. I also understand that financial planning is more than statements and investing; it’s integrating life with finances. I partner long-term with my clients to construct their financial roadmap, moving them toward the life they dream about living.

Background: After getting two Bcom. Honours qualifications under the belt , I spent 7 years working in the international trade management team for Africa’s largest retailer. I always wanted to make a tangible difference in people’s lives so I decided to put my skills to work in helping individuals and Businesses reach their goals. My father’s inability to reach his dream of a good retirement inspired me to pursue a career as a financial adviser as I could see the positive impact I would have in providing good guidance to my clients so their story can be a successful one.

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