Tips to make your fuel go further

The price of fuel is expected to go up at the beginning of October after a recent period of fuel price reductions. This can affect people that spend a lot of time commuting quite drastically, but the more time you spend on the road the more opportunity you have to drive economically and try curb the cost of inflation to your financial plan.

Mass plays a big role in saving fuel, a small engine in a small car will obviously require less fuel than a big engine in a heavy car. Removing unnecessary items in the car (such as baby seats) and keeping your boot empty (no need to take those golf clubs everywhere you go) can also increase your efficiency.

Here are some tips to help you use your fuel more economically:

  • Plan your routes so that you can take the shortest route to where you are going and avoid travelling further than you have to. Sometimes your handy GPS can take you on a very roundabout route – check it out before you are on the road. (Also, try to embark on your travels during off-peak times.)
  • Avoid harsh, stop-start driving and revving in traffic. It is just plain wasteful.
  • Avoid unnecessary braking on open roads. It can be dangerous for others on the road trying to predict your movements and it uses more fuel to get back up to the speed you were cruising at.
  • Following on from the previous point, try to keep your speed consistent as it is more economical. If you are driving a car with cruise control – use it (especially on longer journeys and on open roads).
  • Always drive in the highest gear possible without straining your engine.
  • If you have multiple errands to run try and combine them into one journey rather than taking your car on separate trips.
  • Keep tyre pressures at specified levels and ensure that your wheel alignment is correct. Not only does this help with your fuel efficiency but it can reduce the chances of needless wear and tear on your car.

One of the best ways to reduce your fuel costs is to join a lift club. By commuting to work with just one person you could cut your monthly fuel costs by half.

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