Every winter we begin to see a profusion of pallid tree-dwelling rodents, squirreling away nuts and seeds for the cold season. This is a lovely illustration of wise investments for the future: simple, natural and too true to life.

The reason for this can be put down to natural instinct, but ask yourself – what about the first family of squirrels, how could they have known of the three-month scarcity of food? It’s fair to speculate that instinct can also be born from experience. Think about changing gears when you’re driving – it happens so naturally, so instinctively.

Investing our money, however, is not a natural instinct. We need to work at it.

Perhaps it’s because we never have enough to save, and then when we do, the concept is so foreign to us that we don’t know what’s best.

Strong investment portfolios are often built over a long time and most of them need solid, sound planning. We’ve put together three key considerations to bear in mind when investing your nuts… here’s the first.

Build Your Investment Portfolio Knowledge

If you’re thinking of investing it’s important to learn as much as you can. Having said that, there is no substitute for qualified, professional financial advice. If you increase your knowledge about investing and develop your attitude to risk, you will be more comfortable with your decisions and the advice given.

Increasing your knowledge is best done by finding out how your friends are investing.  Once you’ve done this, come and speak to one of our advisors.

We’ll also have far more constructive conversations together and you will most certainly hold a substantial level of control over your investment portfolio. We’ll be able to consider more diversification options and explore riskier routes where you are able to engage with that risk in order to appreciate the return.

Investments are not cut and dried. Just as the squirrels take chances with some of their hordes, we need to assess needs and risks around your portfolio. Every person is different, so too should be your approach and design for your investments!

Let’s chat soon and see how we can build your investment portfolio.