Discovery Vitality is an incredible programme that offers amazing product integrations for long term investment benefits, but the wellness programme also offers immediate returns at the end of every month through the Healthy Gear and Healthy Foods benefits. Many of our clients join Vitality specifically for these benefits, but they never actually receive the full rewards from these benefits for two main reasons:

  1. The benefits need to be activated, and
  2. The real benefits only kick in after a full Vitality Wellness Assessment


In order to immediately begin receiving 10% discount on healthy foods purchases at Pick ‘n Pay and Woolworths, you need to complete your Vitality Age questionnaire and then you need to check here to see if your Healthy Gear and Healthy Foods benefits have been activated.

We have heard many clients share with us how they have phoned Discovery’s call centre to have these benefits activated only to find out later that this request was never actually executed. We strongly advise that you check and activate these benefits yourself on their website with the links that we’ve provided. If you get stuck, contact our Vitality Expert.


Once you have completed your online Vitality Age assessment and you have activated your benefits you need to attend one of our vitality wellness days. This will boost your Healthy Foods and Healthy Gear benefits to 25%!


  • Vitality Fitness Assessment with the biokineticist (up to 7 000 points – cost is R199, cash payment on day)
  • Vitality Health Check with the nurse (up to 12 000 points – free to Discovery Health members of more than three months)

Gold status is where the most value is offered to clients who are on Discovery Vitality. All the huge savings from fabulous stores and partners around the country are unlocked as you reach the premium level of gold.

We are having a Vitality Assessment Programme at our offices from the 23rd to the 26th of June! Make your booking now!

Regarding the changes, many of the discounts that Discovery’s retail partners offer kick in only after you complete your first 2014 fitness assessment and blood tests. Furthermore, all Vitality members start the year on zero points (the carry-over points policy no longer applies).

This means that all clients will need to do 2 fitness assessments annually, with a 5 month gap between assessments in the calendar year i.e.: Jan – Dec. The earlier in the year that you complete your first fitness assessment, the better. 

Make your booking now!

Download and fill out this form before seeing the biokineticist!

Know Your Health!