The relationships we cherish and celebrate

In the rhythmic and deceptively unpredictable day-in and day-out of our calendars, there are moments when our wallets feel significantly lighter. The end of the year, with its festive sparkle and cheer, often brings a flurry of spending that can leave many of us dizzy. It’s not just the holidays, though. Think about that one […]

Less scrolling, more strolling

Screens dominate much of our waking hours. There’s a growing need to disconnect from the virtual and reconnect with the tangible world around us. The mantra “less scrolling, more strolling” captures this sentiment perfectly, encouraging a shift from passive, screen-based activities to active, physical engagement with our surroundings, particularly through walking. The act of walking, […]

The Ballad of Golden Means

The Ballad of Golden Means In sooth, a tale of coin oft told, Doth shake the hearts of young and old; For lucre’s siren song entwines The very core of mortal lines. Yet, shall we to this master bow? Or find we balance ‘twixt the bough? In measure fair and wisdom’s sight, Let not the […]

The balance of heart and mind in financial contentment

Navigating the intricate dance of financial planning is not just a cerebral affair; it’s a delicate blend of the analytical mind and the intuitive heart. Money, often viewed through the lens of cold numbers and stark figures, is deeply intertwined with the warm weavings of our emotions and dreams. It demands a symphony of technical […]

Why we may never have ‘enough’

The concept of ‘enough’ remains as elusive as the horizon — always visible yet forever just out of reach. This is particularly true in our relationship with money, a relationship that often mirrors the depths of human desire and the complexities of contentment. The nature of enough is a philosophical rabbit hole. On the one […]

Don’t bank on it being the bank…

How to Recognize and Respond to Email Fraud In a world increasingly reliant on digital communication, email fraud has become a pervasive threat, with scammers employing sophisticated tactics to compromise personal and professional email accounts. They often cloak their schemes behind the names of established brands, sowing confusion and exploiting trust. Cybercriminals frequently target the […]

Where habits and wealth intersect

Our daily existence is a series of patterns and habits, some as visible as the paths we walk, others as intimate as the thoughts we entertain. Within this daily walk, each choice of habit — whether tied to our finances, our health, or our personal growth — has the potential to either constrain or liberate […]

Finding playtime in your planning

When we think of financial planning, things can get serious way too fast — a far cry from the carefree essence of playtime. However, the principle of play, fundamental to the way children learn and explore, retains its instructive power well into adulthood. Play isn’t just a frivolous pastime; it’s a sophisticated exercise in simulation […]

How do you express stress with your money?

We’ve all been there: that moment when life throws you a curveball and stress builds up. Your palms might get sweaty, your heart rate spikes, or perhaps you feel a pit in your stomach. But have you ever thought about how this stress manifests in your financial behaviour? Understanding your ‘money stress language’ could be […]

Your assets should fulfil your ‘why’

Financial planning, for most people, brings to mind a labyrinth of paperwork and the perpetual agony of tracking every dime and dollar. It’s no surprise, then, that this often leads to analysis paralysis.  Author Carl Richards (mentioned in a recent blog) cuts through this complexity, suggesting that the core of effective financial planning can, in […]