Shannon Simleit

Shannon Simleit |


Experience: 3 years

Strengths:  Income Protection | Business Assurance | Investment | Retirement Planning

As a young married woman and mother, I have taken a keen interest in discovering all that is available to people to protect themselves and their loved ones in the unfortunate event of illness/disability or death. Helping people find solutions to the difficult questions like, "How can I ensure that my child will be taken care of if I am not around to provide for them, will they be able to get a good education?" "In the event of being unable to work, what can I do to ensure I carry on earning my salary?" "How can I ensure I leave behind a legacy for my family when I pass away?"

Aside from that, I consider myself well-versed in retirement and investment planning and see the importance in saving for specific goals, children's education and of course your “golden years”.

As an independent financial advisor, my clients can be confident that my advice is in no way biased to one financial services provider and I have the ability to provide my clients with a wide range of solutions to best suit their individual needs.

When not at work, I am a devoted wife and mother to a toddler, spending as much of my free time with my little family. I pride myself in living an active lifestyle, I enjoy spending time in the gym, on the beach and doing hikes/trails around Cape Town in all the spectacular places it has to offer!

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